Obra (2014)

Joao Carlos Ribeiro de Almeido Neto (Irandhir Santos) is the Brazilian architect who discovers ties of his dying father with the civil-military dictatorship. The painful escape from your family at the very moment when your baby is about to be born.

Joao Carlos Ribeiro de Almeido Neto (Irandhir Santos)

Color palette

The pain of the Labirinth

São Paolo 23,5505° S / 46,6333° W

“I dream obsessively of a small, clean labyrinth, in the centre of which is an urn that […] I almost touched with my hands, that I saw with my eyes, but the paths were so contorted, so confused, that one thing seemed clear to me: I would die before I arrived there.” (Jourge Louis Borges, Labyrinths)

“Anyone who enters a maze knows that there is a way out, but does not know which of the many ways that open to it from time to time leads you. He groped. When he finds a blocked way he goes back and takes another one. Sometimes the path that seems the easiest is not the right one; sometimes, when he thinks he is closer to the goal, he is further away, and a false step is enough to return to the starting point. You have to be very patient, never let yourself be deceived by appearances, do, as they say, one step at a time, and in front of the crossroads, when you are not able to calculate the reason for the choice, but you are forced to risk, always be ready to go back.” (Norberto Bobbio, Autobiografia)

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