Pop Aye (2017)

Bangkok. Disappointed by his sentimental and professional life, the architect Thana decides to bring the elephant Pop Aye back to his native village. A film shot on the streets of the Thai province. His “white elephant” is about to be demolished. He wants to free his childhood playmate before it’s too late.

Thana Sukthamma (Thaneth Warakulnukroh)
Color palette

The Labirinth of Time

“No maze is a trap.” (Pierre Rosenstiehl, Le parole del labirinto)

“A labyrinth of symbols” ran. “An invisible labyrinth of time. I, an English barbarian, was given to unravel this diaphanous mystery. After more than a hundred years, the details are irrecoverable but it is not difficult to imagine what happened. Ts’ui Pên will have said a few times: ‘I retire to write a book I do.’ And sometimes: ‘I retire to build a maze I do.’ Everyone thought of two works, no one thought that book and labyrinth were one thing…” (Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden by the Forking Paths, in Collected Fictions)

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