Theo’s House (2014)

During 1980’s, Theo and Vincent, two Finnish architects, were involved in a big change of environmental identities – escalating to one coastal area where they replaced 320 wooden houses with 32 concrete towers. 10 years later, it’s 1993 and they meet in a castle in the former East-Germany. Their discussion escalates into a conflict over their projects and ethics of architecture. Finally, Theo begins to design a Dream House, not only for himself, but also for a woman he met once, 50 years ago in his childhood.

Kaarlo Theo Kaski (Hannu-Pekka Björkman), Vincent Martikainen (Ville Virtanen)

“We cited all our gurus: Le Corbusier, van der Rohe, Luis Kahn, Aalto. We became so intoxicated with it, that we could no longer see what we were drawing. We were blind to what we were doing.”
“Maybe the mistake was to blindly trust in the flawlessness of funcionality. It was implemented by destroying the Old. I guess that was what made architecture so unnatural.”

Color palette

The labyrinthine man

“A labyrinthine man never seeks the truth, but always and only his Ariadne – whatever he wants us to believe.” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Unpublished Fragments)

“He who looks into himself, as into an immense universe, and carries Milky Ways in himself, knows also how irregular all Milky Ways are; they lead into the very chaos and labyrinth of existence.” (Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science)

“A labyrinth is sometimes the magical protection of a centre, of a treasure, of a meaning. Entering it may be an initiation ritual, as it may be seen in the myth of Theseus. This  symbolism is the model of any existence that, by passing through numerous trials, approaches its own center, its own self, Atman, to use the Indian term… Several times I was aware that I was exiting the labyrinth, that I had found the way. Before, I felt desperate, lost… Of course, I didn’t say to myself I am lost in the labyrinth, but, at the end, I still had the impression that I had conquered a labyrinth. Each of us has known this experience. It must me added that life is not made of a single labyrinth: the trial is renewed… Not once I was certain that I had touched it and, by touching it, I learned a lot, I recognized myself. Then I got lost again. This is our condition, we are neither angels, nor heroes. When man reaches his centre he enriches himself, his consciousness widens, all becomes clear, significant but life goes on: another labyrinth appears, other trials, other ways of trial, on another level.” (Mircea Eliade, Ordeal by Labyrinth)

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