Under Electric Clouds (2015)

Petr (Louis Franck) is the architect who designed a residential tower that the Russian-Ukrainian war made no longer convenient. Everything is done under the gaze of the building’s skeleton. Better to run away and deny knowing anything.

Petr (Louis Franck)

“This building is just a monument to the ambitions of two follies. That of the architects and of your father. It is sticking out. Architecture must be functional. And forget about functionality. When they stopped construction, the architect wanted to set himself on fire. But the wet matches didn’t light. What a fool. I am an expert and I always opposed this.” The architect was probably weird. Like all talented people.

“We probably didn’t become Corbusier. So what? Funny, but I’m proud to be Honorary Architect… I’ve been looking for you for a month. Someone wants an architect to build a Moresque style house. With columns and a fountain. We can pay off our debts… You know that the guy who commissioned our unfinished building has died? So they don’t complete our project, who cares?”

“It’s too bad. It’s a beautiful building. The man died. And the heirs don’t care about it. He did all he could to support you. Nobody believed in this building, but he did. He said it’ll be architecture for life. They’ll sell or rebuild it. The buyers did a study. Young pros and seniors didn’t like it. We need to build a cupola or a spire.”

“Wait! You see that building? You think it needs a spire or a cupola?” It needs columns or marble. I don’t know. “Thank you.” I hear one of the architects went crazy.

“Funny. An architect of that building wanted to burn himself alive. But the matches were wet. Everyone laughs at that for some reason.” Even if he wanted to do it, who cares?

What do you do? “I’m an architect. Incredibly trendy. But meaningless. I position bathtubs and sinks in space and time. I combine bidets and toilets. That’s what I do for a living.” What’s a bidet? “I don’t know. I don’t know anything at all.”

Color palette

The Labirinth as a non-place

“A discrepancy, an altered balance between the body in space and the envelope space that contains it can cause dizziness. Suddenly between us and the surrounding is a void… To get lost is perhaps just this: the subject finds himself caught between an expectation of familiarity with a place, of affective adherence or understanding with it and a contrary command that the same place gives him.” (Franco La Cecla, Perdersi. L’uomo senza ambiente).

“Who travels a labyrinth has the sight hindered and fragmented, in front and behind, then proceeds in confusion, while those who wait outside the labyrinth see the general picture… What you see depends on where you are, so the maze is at the same time single (there is only one physical structure) and double… It can be perceived as a path (a linear but winding path towards an objective) or as a pattern (a symmetrical drawing)… Our perception is inherently unstable: if you change the perspective, even the maze seems to change.” (Mark Danielewski, House of Leaves)

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