Dedalo Minosse Cinema

Architect's Escape

It will take place on the net the third edition of “Dedalo Minosse Cinema”, the film festival focused on the figure of the architect in the movies.The need for isolation, the rules of no gathering and the impossibility of travel have obliged the organizers – ALA Assoarchitetti and its supporters – to make an interesting and stimulating choice, according to the event aims: make Cinema and Architecture dialogue together.

“Architect’s escape.”

Waiting for Cinema to reflect “on the world that will be” after the pandemic that afflicts us we can not but consider that the figure of the architect has changed substantially in its representation during the just ended decade. The 576 films are coming from all over the world and tell of a profession  – like every profession – in economic and identity crisis. A new overall positive course, which sees the architect finally active, present and well aware of the great problems of the territories, inhabitants and inhabited areas. The dominant theme is the creative escape that well represents the common sentiment of the last decade. Ten years spent escaping from crisis, poverty, wars, but also from a model of development no longer sustainable, from cities and metropolises in perpetual uncontrolled growth, from anachronistic and excessive houses and buildings, in every corner of the planet. The artist’s gesture no longer counts, but the recovery of rainwater. So escape from the cities, from the architectures of the regime, from the exaltation of the accumulated riches and, more intimately, from the ‘family,’ from the millennial institutions, from old age, from illness. Through fourteen films the proposed review describes this feeling in every corner of the planet and shows the creative response that the architect has devised to affirm his existence, his own sensitivity. A composite portrait of woman or man that is defeated by the star system, by complacent and seductive thinking. A portrait that wants to reflect on their being in a world that finally puts a strain on the nineteenth-century figure of architect’s profession and its social utility. Today we must escape stereotypes, customs, pre-constituted models, in order to recover from the past and invent for the future.
The architects’ cinema tells how utopia and dystopia are not the same thing. And how the adventures are personal before being collective.


Every film is part of the labirinth.

Escape or challenge the labyrinth: the architect for training knows the walls, the doors, the windows. He distributes “bathtubs and sinks in space and time”. He inserts emergency access and exits. He studies the ways out. He designs from above and directs the works from below. He is himself when he is Daedalus. It is always him when he surrenders to the creature he wants to protect. He empties and fills the spaces. He thinks of men but like a magician he makes them disappear behind tents, inside trapdoors and secret undercoats. He loves Ariadne because he knows how to get out. He hates Ariadne because she has exposed him.

Escape Rooms

The films will be streamed. The set-ups will be virtually created and conceived in the mode of “escape rooms” – synthesized in “escape bags”. Escaping from the labyrinths and paradoxes of our mind; escaping from the war and the styles; escaping from the great architects that architects are not; escaping from the ugly and the fake beautiful; escaping from the metropolises and its cathedrals; escaping to start dreaming again. Here are the themes of the rooms to come out of. These are designed to let participants experience the emotions of actors, directors, set designers, film authors. For a more aware and active audience, in a new and unique experience.

Giorgio Scianca


Silvia Viglietti

Event & Media Manager

Federico Babina


Marcella Gabbiani


Francesco Agnese


Lara Tonello


Alessandra Comazzi

TV Critic

Matteo Lo Valvo

Web designer

Barbara Andriano


Davide Marcone

Photography Director

Caterina Taricano


Vittorio Sclaverani

Project Manager

Steve Della Casa

Movie Critic
Escape Rooms